The Praise of Old Men

Welcome to the The Praise of Old Men. The GM ('Ancellus') and players are enjoying creating a complex story set in Terry K Amthor's Shadow World, and hope that one day it will become a saga fit for the setting. Step inside and browse a while.

Sky Ship over the Spine of Emer

A Skyship over the Spine of Emer

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CURRENT MISSION: Investigate what is going on at the Orgillion Manor on Teaque Island.

LATEST RESULTS: Completed our exploration of The Hadeshill Asylum and found a link between The Spicer's Guild, The Cloot family and the old Orgillion family seat on Teaque Island. Boarded The Brine and set sail for the island.

A Message from our GM

The do's and don'ts to make a fun and successful game.

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The Praise of Old Men

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