The Praise of Old Men

Welcome to the The Praise of Old Men. The GM ('Ancellus') and players are enjoying creating a complex story set in Terry K Amthor's Shadow World, and hope that one day it will become a saga fit for the setting. Step inside and browse a while.

We are proud to be recognized as Campaign of the Month by Obsidian Portal in August 2018.

Sky Ship over the Spine of Emer

A Skyship over the Spine of Emer

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An introduction (brief) to the world and history of Kulthea.


CURRENT MISSION: At the urging of a powerful Loari named Luronen Moje the party must travel to Aranmor. and, "survive the crucible that Tarek Nev in order to re-forge The Harmony again". He also tells Ugnan and the others that there were two demons in the cisterns, both needed to restrain the powers of Patience Cloot and keep her in a stasis preventing her from aging. The party cannot free Patience without killing the last of the pair of demons. Unfortunately this will also release the stasis field around the Seer, causing her to age and therefore die. An object called the Ashling Stone will be needed and this is on the demon-infested island of Aranmor

LATEST RESULTS: The crew brave the vicious magical and weather systems of Aranmor and begin their exploration of the island. Learning some of the dangers to be found on the island, the crew navigate to a temple nearby and drive off a small troupe of Garks before dispatching a savage Wyvern. They climb to the top of the temple ziggurat and are confronted by a challenging puzzle, which must unlock a door into the ancient structure. Once the puzzle is defeated the crew descend into an ancient temple built by an almost-forgotten race called the Amarrishi. After battling through against Mummies, the crew discover weapons of incalculable power, and return to Aroth's pirates where they make plans to explore Tarek Nev. Preparations made, and a new recruit joining us, we enter The Red Gate, the fate of Sel-Kai on our shoulders. Not fifty yards into the city we barely survive a brutal attack by five demons.

The New Heroes of Sel-kai

In Episode 15 our heroes discovered that their fates were intertwined with ancient Heroes of Sel-kai and probably all members of The Harmony.

Cherry | Patience | The Eyes
Cran | Reave the Just | The Heart
Sharna | Malthus | The Arm
Sylke | Althaeus | The Voice
Ugnan | Verisimiltude | The Brain
Victor | Twelfth Man

A Message from our GM

The do's and don'ts to make a fun and successful game.

Craig's awesome tokens

SHAMELESS PLUG! Our group is incredibly fortunate to have the talents of an amazing graphic artist. Check out Craig's work for our party below. View Craig's portfolio or contact him here.

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The Praise of Old Men

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