The Praise of Old Men

Welcome to the The Praise of Old Men. The GM ('Ancellus') and players are enjoying creating a complex story set in Terry K Amthor's Shadow World, and hope that one day it will become a saga fit for the setting. Step inside and browse a while.

We are proud to be recognized as Campaign of the Month by Obsidian Portal in August 2018.

Sky Ship over the Spine of Emer

A Skyship over the Spine of Emer

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CURRENT MISSION: Investigate the cisterns under Sel-kai, lair of the Iron Bell.

LATEST RESULTS: Waylaid Iron Bell cultists and discovered a source of the material that holds Eidolon in the air. Discovered a giant dragon skeleton and that the cult leader is known as 'The Minister', and a demon is loose in the cisterns.

The New Heroes of Sel-kai

In Episode 15 our heroes discovered that their fates were intertwined with ancient Heroes of Sel-kai and probably all members of The Harmony.

Cherry | Patience | The Eyes
Cran | Reave the Just | The Heart
Sharna | Malthus | The Arm
Sylke | Althaeus | The Voice
Ugnan | Verisimiltude | The Brain

A Message from our GM

The do's and don'ts to make a fun and successful game.

Craig's awesome tokens

SHAMELESS PLUG! Our group is incredibly fortunate to have the talents of an amazing graphic artist. Check out Craig's work for our party below. View Craig's portfolio or contact him here.

Credits – recognizing the great creativity of external artist and content producers

The Praise of Old Men

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