Cheryl the Red

Stunning, petite, gregarious; red hair; street-wise; strange eyes


Cherry seems a lovely simple waif of a young woman, always smiling prettily to the people she meets, polite and treating them, as someone welcome in her presence. Some would say charming and gregarious, as can only be of the young, bold and, others would say beautiful. She wears soft mottled brown leather pants, boots and jerkin with a softer hood, a raw cotton undershirt and other underthings. Nothing fancy, yet she strikes a stunning figure when publicly engaging people. She seems to know or at least, acts as if everyone she meets is an old friend, acting quite naturally amongst common and poorer people of the city, yet none quite remember much about her beside for a while they seemed graced with this red haired angel with… something about her eyes.


“Cherry’s beautiful ‘aint she? And she’s mine! So you back off if you don’t want our foulest tasting ale… B-But don’t tell her I said that will you?! I’ll give you a discount on our finest for the first round, when the boss isn’t watching, if we have an accord…”
Thuro, Tavern Boy.

Cherry is street smart and as capable as she is charming, Cherry seems savvy and tactically minded when it comes to less reputable street activities; she reads people well and knows when to poke her nose into dark corners. Cherry is also handy with a lock, and following people while blending in to her surrounds. She can take down a plump pigeon with her short bow and seems capable with her blackjack when someone gets closer or fresher than she’d like. A fierce loner and with a dark mood when she feels a bargain has unfairly manipulated or feeling trapped by another’s will Cherry grew up on the streets and canals in Sel-Kai City an urchin, a smart urchin. Her parentage unknown to her, but the name Cheryl the only thing she was certain of and she hated it. Renaming herself Cherry she used her charm and wit and often, her speed to learn or steal everything she could to survive eat and fight to survive, trusting a select few and using most for her own gain. If she hadn’t met this intriguing band of characters, she’d probably be a bored cat burglar who shares what she can with smaller urchins as those who came before her did, yet taking none under her wing, its bad to get attached.

Cheryl the Red

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