Cran Crannock

Very tall, brooding; pale hair; full beard; troubled eyes; sturdy gear; unique axe


“I’m Cran Crannock, although my friends call me ‘Boulder’ and my really close friends call me ‘Pebbles’. I’m currently between security jobs and headed here to see what’s available. I grew up in the Running White Dog tribe in the Magalang steppe on Kelestia, and one day I will return. Until then I’m looking to broaden my horizons and expand my experiences. If you need someone to take care of the fighting, then I’m all ears.”

First ImpressionsCrant.png
Cran stands over six-and-a-half feet tall and has a frightening air of power, litheness and vitality for someone so big. He has shoulder length pale hair and full beard. Troubled brown eyes regard you from a weather-beaten face and he is slow to smile. His clothing and gear are sturdy but unadorned and show that he is prepared for brutal cold. He carries a large unusual Battle Axe. The Axe has a simple steel head inlaid with a swirling silver pattern and a silver filigree detail over a black yew shaft. He also has an unstrung long bow attached to his frame pack, and a bolas strung on his weapon belt. He does not find it easy to make eye contact and avoids the rowdier people around him.


Crannock keeps himself to himself. He’s always been trustworthy, rock solid in the line and disciplined. There’s a nagging impression that he’s holding something in reserve, though. I just can’t put my finger on what it is.
—From the evening roster summary of Bittern Frull, Squad Leader, Steel Talon Mercenary Company, Spring 6055-2-37

What Cran’s Friends Know
Cran was born to two tempestuous high humans within the ‘Running Snow Dog’ Tribe of nomadic hunters of the Magalang Steppe, the great frozen tundra on the continent of Kelestia, thousands of miles away from ‘civilised’ cultures. The tribes of the Magalang live brutal lives, and Cran was no exception. He was freakishly large, fast and strong and became a tribal warrior at 15 years old.
During his adolescence and apprenticeship, Cran became a seasoned and scarred warrior, and earned a place in the Freyr’s personal retinue. He acquired his tribal name Ostoppbar Sten, literally translated as ‘Unstoppable Boulder’. Unfortunately, Cran was also prone to the occasional uncontrollable black-out rage, where he would attack anyone within reach.

Four years ago during the feast of Tardvek, Cran was goaded into a fist fight with the Freyr’s eldest son, Tarnak, a savage warrior who could have been Cran’s brother. During the skirmish Cran started to get the upper hand and Tarnak drew a dagger and stabbed Cran in his side. Cran flipped and, in his rage, battered Tarnak so much that he caused permanent brain damage. According to the laws of the tribe, Cran’s victory over a foe who cheated in one-to-one combat earned him Tarnak’s prize possession, a magical Battle Axe. Also, according to the laws of the tribe, his failure to show mercy to his beaten foe earned Cran exile.

For the last four years Cran has eked out an existence as a caravan guard, then a mercenary. One day he will return to his tribe with a means to heal Tarnak and win back their respect. Until he has fully mastered his rage, Cran resolves to travel the world, honing his warrior skills, and learning to master his schizophrenic demons.

Cran became addicted to Rewk during Episode 13 (rules here).

Cran is also attempting to control his lethal rages (rules here).

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Cran Crannock

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