Numal Vertelion Wanaearas

Sea elf with pale and nearly translucent skin; stands at 6'10" tall


Numal, while unmistakably an elf, is a strange sight to behold. He is abnormally pale with veins and arteries faintly visible beneath his slightly blue-tinged skin. His hands are slightly webbed and, if you saw his feet would notice long, webbed toes. His hair is white and if you look closely you will see that there is something unusual about his eyelids.

Numal wears simple fabric armour which appears to be made of a kind of silk and is a fine shimmering red-gold in colour. He is armed with a tabuje slashing weapon, a stabbing knife and a speargun (which looks similar to a composite bow). Like most of his race he is nimble and fleet of foot.


Numal is now in his ninth decade of life and was born in the partly underwater realm of Malqanar. He is of the Shuluri race (It. “Sea-elves”) but calls himself a Malaqani after the name of his realm.

He has only recently left his home to journey into the world and has been drawn to Sel-kai for a number of reasons. He reveals his primary mission is to discover the thieves of a large shipment of blue pearls, which were harvested near his village. His information is that these thieves (or pirates) are based in Sel-kai. He also seeks to locate Lyssa, the water elemental who is precious to his people, and who seems to be imprisoned in north-western Emer. Lastly, his people are now concerned with a great evil stirring in the seas and have asked Numal to seek out the counsel of the great Shuluri Loremaster, Ekill Shirrit of Malqanar, who has not been seen in Malaqani lands and seas for many years.

Numal’s personal ambition is to see the lands beyond the seas, perhaps even climb into the high mountains. He would also like to fly.

Numal is very musical, loves to sing and is renown in his lands for being a great teller of Malaqani history and lore. In addition to his own peoples’ tongue (which has very different above and below water variants) he speaks fluent Erlin. However, he struggles with the mannish tongues of Emer.

Numal Vertelion Wanaearas

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