Sharna Maen-gal

Lean; laan; raven-black hair; 5'9"; piercing pale blue eyes; red triangle tattoos


Top-Sharna-1024.pngLean from many years of training, Sharna stands 5´9˝ tall with raven-black hair and piercing pale blue eyes. She bears the red Changramai triangle tattoo on the back of her hand, and also under her left eye.


“I’ve not had a pupil with more potential than Sharna in centuries. She trains daily but focuses only enhancing her physical abilities. She neglects her other studies because the outside world is a foreign concept. This is not surprising as she’s never left the monastery her whole life.

She needs to be out in the world – with the people, perhaps then she’ll be able to understand what needs saving from the Unlife and their foot soldiers but I cannot send her alone, she lacks certain social and cultural skills.

I had been pondering the subject while out gathering supplies when Cay be Praised, a solution revealed itself to me – a group of bandits were attacking a lone man by the name of Ugnan from Vornia. Clearly, they hadn’t realized just how close to the monastery they had strayed. All 12 of them were dispatched with ease.

I brought Ugnan back to the monastery so that he could wash, eat and rest and instructed Sharna to accompany him to Sel-kai in order to keep him safe.She is to stay with him for no less than 3 months to experience the outside world – after which time she can return or stay with him a while longer."

—Ea-aran Rasior TE 6055, Orhan 2,Day 13

2018-Changramai-ActionPose-02-03-1.pngSharna is a Warrior Monk, primarily of the Laan race. She came to the Changramai school in northern Emer as a very small child, inexplicably abandoned there.

After reaching the First Veil of expertise at the school, Sharna was sent out for a ‘real world’ education. Her first assignment was to accompany Ugnan to Sel-kai. After living virtually all of her life in the cloistered environment of the school, this indeed would be an eye-opening experience. The Changramai, instantly recognizable by their distinctive blue robes and red triangle tattoo, they are the elite, the best of the best at unarmed combat.

There are many schools on Kulthea that teach combat, both armed and unarmed, but there is only one Changramai school. Only the most affluent and influential can afford them – they are frequently seen flanking Royalty and such groups as the Loremasters and Navigators – even the Nomikos Library has a standing garrison of Changramai.

Sharna Maen-gal

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