Ugnan of Vornia

Stocky and out-of-shape; 5'8"; thinning grey hair; twinkling blue eyes; melancholy


Ugnan-Token-1024.jpgUgnan’s stocky frame reaches an unimpressive 5’8" and, truth be told, his pot belly betrays his out-of-shape physique. Before his hair began to thin and turn grey, he was strikingly handsome and still has a twinkle in his blue eyes when brief sparks of joy reach his normally glum, bearded face. However, most of the time, he sits in melancholic thought, resting a small leather target shield on his patched brown linen trousers, absently tracing the strange light blue spiral pattern on its front. The only weapon he carries seems to be a shark skin covered keen hand axe, which hangs from a loop beside a fragrant pouch on his belt about his waist.


“I’m Ugnan, Ug to friends. From my accent you can probably tell I grew up in Vornia but for my own personal reasons I’ve decided to leave and seek my fortune elsewhere. Despite my age, I’m new to this mercenary business but beggars cannot be choosers! I’m no fighter mind, but if you have coin, I can help patch up those who do.”
—Ugnan of Vornia

Ugnan, a healer, is quite private about his past though over time, and with the application of too much ale, it has emerged that everything he owned and cherished was taken from him. The exact cause remains a mystery but the plague of Vornia and the tale of a lone survivor may be known to some.

The leather shield is enchanted with some sort of charm spell, a blur that makes it hard to concentrate on the wielder and a leaving spell that he has used to get himself or others out of trouble.

Ugnan of Vornia

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