Wing Stone

Stone discovered below the Orgillion Crypt.


3x/ day. This enchanted reddish basalt stone is carved into the shape of a pair of drake-wings. Small, it weighs but 8 ounces. When dropped, it will magically float downward at a rate of 100’ per round, falling until it rests on a solid obstruction (e.g., the bottom of a pit) or it travels 600’ (whichever is less). Immediately after reaching this destination it will “fly” back upward at the same rate of speed, returning to its wielder’s hand (if still within 600’) or the spot from which it was dropped (if wielder is dead or out of range). The wing-stone changes hue according to the distance travelled downward:
yellow = 01’-50’;
orange =51I ‘-100’;
light red = 101’-150’;
deep red = 151’-200’;
purple = 201’-300’;
blue = 301’-400’;
blue-green = 401 ‘-500’;
green = 501 ‘-600’.
The wing tips become tinged with black if the wing-stone passes within 10’ of an Essence source while descending. Should it fall past a Channelling source the tips turn white, while passage near a Mentalism source gives the wing ends a greyish look (both ranges 10’). Within the black, white or grey, small dots of the appropriate colors indicate the different depths at which the power sources were passed. Once the wing-stone is back in someone’s hand it reverts to its original color (takes 3 rounds).


Recovered from a hidden level to the Orgillion family crypt on Teaque Island.

Wing Stone

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