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Our missions are summarized below. For more detail, check out the adventure log or click on one of the session note links.

 Date Mission Session Notes Outcome
6056.1.41-44 Investigate The Orgillion Manor on Teaque Island and discover how House Betaran is involved and what their purpose is. 8a9, 10, 11, 12, 12a, 13, 13A, 14

In progress. Traveled to Teaque Island on The Brine under the skillful command of Captain Elayne. Sold liquor for a substantial profit. Acquired an astounding longbow. Explored the ground floor of the Manor where we cleared a nest of Ghouls, made some lucrative finds, and unearthed some more clues about The Guild of Spicers in an old library. Explored a large portion of the first floor, where we discovered more sickening torture, a pair of mysterious books (Sit Rep 11), a notebook from one of the Orgillion family, and a demonic smell of sulfur emanating from the tower staircase. We dispatched an apparition and ghouls before discovering proof of Larkrise and Sunset's incarceration and a recent link to House Betaran. Discovered a library with additional information on The Spicers Guild, Loremasters, Dragonlords and Azydaer. Confronted and killed a demonic Loari figure with a dire warning. Cleared the top floor before investigating a previously-undiscovered Orgillion family crypt.

The crypt contains the body of Titus and considerable loot. More importantly, we discover a well-trapped entrance to a lower level—a tribute or tomb of some long forgotten heroes. Theories abound. More research is needed.

Previous Missions

Date Mission Session Notes Outcome
6056.1.38-41 On behalf of Aldaran Elgata, find out more about Deltar and his link to House Betaran. Discover House Alaxatan's motives and links to the drug smugglers headed up by Olvar One-thumbs employers (Red Dragons?). 5, 6, 7, 8 Completed. Infiltrated upper floor of The Hadeshill Asylum and found a magic ring. Explored the majority of the grizzly basement, scene of gruesome child experiments, and rescued the tiny water elemental Lyssa. Finally infiltrated Aenor's office on the ground floor to discover links between founding families of The Spicer's Guild and construction of the Asylum. House Elgata requested we investigate the Orgillion Manor on Teaque Island.
6056.1.36-38 Infiltrate The Elgata Estate and copy important shipping manifests for Deltar of Urgon. 4, 5 A highly successful mission resulted in a huge payout and an intriguing new mission for the very House we infiltrated. We confirmed that Deltar is a complex devious player.
6056.1.30-36 Retrieve three crates of herbs for Deltar of Urgon 01, 2, 3, 4 Discovered 'herbs' were  Gort. Retrieved the crates and earned a reward; warned Deltar not to deceive us again.

Loose Ends

  • Who is  Old Mother Cloot? In Episode 8 we discovered that the Cloots have links back to the founding of The Spicer's Guild five thousand years ago.
  • PROGRESS MADE: Conduct more research into the Orgillion family and The Spicer's Guild, including reviewing the 39 books discovered in The Orgillion Manor in Cran's Sit. Rep. Nine. Progress summarised under the Spicer's Guild page.
  • What is the secret of the mirror in The Old Sword? In Episode 8 we discovered that it, and other mirrors, may be a direct link to Queen Mab.
  • Confront Olvar One-thumb and put him out of commission and then investigate the Red Dragons. Discover why his allegiances have shifted.
  • PROGRESS MADE: Is there a link between the events leading to the closure of The Hadeshill Asylum (5700-5738) and the Cruciform Murders (5738)? Were the insane children of Desidara Damssen ("Larkrise" and "Sunset") implicated in murders after their escape from The Hadeshill Assylum in the same year? The twins visited the Orgillion Manor before their incarceration at the Asylum (Episode 13).
  • PROGRESS MADE: Where is Azydaer (is it even in this World?) and who were its inhabitants? Why did The Spicers Guild have an interest in them in ~2500 TE? We know that T'Chagga was summoned from Azydaer by Tobias Cloot (Episode 13).
  • How are The Damssen Family implicated in the events leading to the dissolution of The Spicers Guild?
  • What is the dire warning from the demon we confronted in episode 12? "Your city teeters on the brink of disaster, the followers of The Iron Bell are moving silently through the city readying its destruction."
  • What is the Heart of Agoth?
  • SOLVED: What does the large Iron Key bearing the Orgillion family crest unlock? Discovered in episode 12. It unlocks the family Mausoleum (Episode 13).
  • What is the riddle of the rooms below the Orgillion Crypt, discovered in Episode 14? Where does the portal mirror lead? Who were the following heroes?

    • Galen. Gold, like water, in all dealings.
    • Malthus the Mighty
    • Patience Mother of a Dynasty, First of the Seers
    • Verisimilitude, Truth was Paramount
    • Althaeus, His Oath is Adamant
    • Otho, Never Gainsaid
    • Reave the Just, Defender of those Beset. He was the Mightiest.
  • What are the powers of the horn discovered in episode 14? Is it a Fey artifact?

Current Mission

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