Region Notable Locations Summary
Azydaer   Unknown location, perhaps on a different plane of existence, home to demonic creatures.
Emer Sel-kai, Eidolon Emer is a great continent on Kulthea.
Kelestia   Northernmost of the inhabited lands.
Teaque Island Orgillion Manor Island off the coast of Sel-kai in NE Emer.

Cities & Towns

Settlement Size Location Summary
Bajorkham Village Small village on  Teaque Island. Small village a short walk from Speyer.
Eidolon Floating City Rarified City floating above Sel-kai.  
Sel-kai Metropolis Kai’sa Peninsula on the northern Silaar coast in Emer. Ancient metropolis in Emer that sits beneath the Great floating city of Eidolon.
Speyer Village Small village on Teaque Island. Small village a couple of hours walk from the only dock on the island.


Building Location Personalities Summary
The Blooded Vine Bajorkham Hammy Run down tavern.
The Crock and Bull Sel-kai Gerud Well-appointed Inn in SW Sal-kai.
House Elgata Sel-kai Aldaran Elgata, Yelin  Elgata, Arnstein Drage, Sigrid Holan Large canal-side estate of House Elgata.
The Hadeshill Asylum Sel-kai Deltar Abandoned asylum known as "The Shudders" by locals.
The Lonely Shepherd Speyer Theodosus, Faelin The only Inn in Speyer.
The Old Sword Sel-kai DavosMother Cloot,  Thuro Comfortable, well-run Inn in NW Sel-kai that contains a mysterious mirror.
Orgillion Manor Teaque Island   Mysterious seat of The Orgillions.
The Pig and Poke Sel-kai   Good tavern close to the Elgata Estate.
The Red Dog Bajorkham   Run down tavern.



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