The Spicers Guild

The Honorable Guild Of Spicer Merchants was formed in 1862 and disbanded under controversial circumstances in 5704. The Cloot, Orgillion and Damssen families were instrumental in the Guild's creation but as their fortunes waned, so did the Guild. The Spicer's Guild Hall was badly damaged by fire in 5727 and had to be torn down. 

Clues Discovered in the Orgillion Manor

These discoveries were made in the old library in the Ghoul-infested Manor House (see Cran's Chronicles).

The earliest accounts start with the founding of the Guild in 1864 (TE) and the election of Simeon Orgillion as Grand Master of the Guild, "Venerous Cloot to fulfill the role of Seer Imperious". At the Guild's first meeting, they are addressed by, "the great Loremaster himself", and, "our specific charge to uncover and record what was, what is and what shall be", is laid out. In 2273 Galen Orgillion and Godius Damssen form a specific group whose task is to research, "the Great Dragons who emerged in the Second Era".

Other meetings discuss political events across Emer and record these in meticulous detail much like a dry historical text. In 2499, Briar Damssen is named, "Seer Imperious", after what is clearly a very fractious debate. Mallus Cloot warning that, "though the Fey are capricious they have no great interest in the mortal world, unlike the inhabitants of Azydaer".

In 5697 the Guild donate a large sum of money to build the Hadeshill Asylum for the, "care and succour of those who have been exhausted by their contact with those of Azydaer". Helena Damssen is named as the "Chair of Governors" – the hospital's opening is described in 5700.

Altogether, there are 39 books – each covering a century or so of the deliberations of the Guild. Many are fire damaged though the library seems undamaged itself (evidence that they were rescued from the fire of 5727). The last recorded meeting took place in 5704 and rather tersely states "By the decree of the Prince of Sel-kai, the Honourable Guild of Spice Merchants is now disbanded and its Charter and Articles revoked".

The great horde of diaries are recovered from the Orgillion estate reveal that the Guild had established that the Dragonlords were likely not of Kulthea. Research became intense but the  Cloot seers became more concerned with research into something called  "The Heart of Agoth". The Cloots, Orgillions and Damssens differed on the nature of the Dragonlords and divisions began to grow within the Guild. The Orgillions believed the Dragonlords were a force for "good" and should be reached out to openly. The Damssens disagreed and urged caution for they believed these powerful immortals were "evil" and would subvert and conquer. The Cloots remained undecided and also urged caution and avoidance, besides, they were more concerned with their own research into The Heart. One of their seers recorded, after a dream-quest, the cryptic warning:

"Whoever possess the Heart will have taken the soul of Mab and will be thricely cursed" Dated 3277

The Spicers Guild

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